Here at `home plumbing and maintenance we allow home owners to be able to have knowledge on how to service and take care of their plumbing systems without asking for experts who do less work at more pay. Everyone is able to take care of plumbing needs and that is why we as a team of retired plumbers and plumbing industry practitioners, we wanted to allow the general public to haveĀ  basic information on the plumbing system and how to repair simple home plumbing stuff.

We also enable you to have more information on how you can take care of your home. Your home should be a resting and a place to allow for great experience and that can only be achieved if you have all the systems well maintained and well taken care of. These items include your kitchen wares, bedroom items, sitting room items, garages etc.

Learn to be the boss of your own house and save money too.

Being in the industry for such a long time we have the required information which we can pass down to the general public. Learn and be your own home expert.