Hydraulic Filter Press

The key point of this type of equipment is no matter how much pressure it can get but safety. Utilize grad enter to adjust the host during installation, then install other equipments during fastening the host. Your filter press may have been designed with anexpansion piece, also known as a distance piece.

In the frames there is hole connection the feed hole with filtering space. The holes in th cloth must not disalign and cover the holes of the plate which may lead to breakage of plates due to pressure build up on one side of the plate. When the liquid to be filtered is pumped through the feed-hole it fills the frames and passes through the cloth and down the grooves flows out of the pet cocks at the bottom into the tray. When the frames are completely filled with precipitate the press must be stopped and if washing is desired wash water or steam should be pumped through feed hole, otherwise the press should be opened and cleaned. With hundreds of solutions provided to erstwhile industries across the world, Yo-tana has reliably provided for customer satisfaction every step of the way. For our service, we are known as world-class fully automatic filter press manufacturers.

filter press cloth

The automatic pump control system automatically and gradually increases the feed pressure in four stages during the filling cycle. These stages are adjustable to suit your slurry and solids concentration. By monitoring the feed pump flow sensor, during the final pressure stage, the operator will be able to determine the cycle completion. If you produce varying size batches of wastewater and subsequently less sludge, or if the overall volume of waste that is generated at your facility has been reduced, you can still utilize your existing filter press. With the purchase of a backer plate, you can alter the holding capacity of your press to meet your individual batch needs.

Many of them not only know the installation technology, but also can communicate with customers with English. The overseas after-sale team covers mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and installation personnel. Based on customer’s order and time, we will arrange appropriate after-sale personnel to provide on-site guidance for our customers. Customers can have training about filter press operation and maintenance.

Welcome to our trang web, we have made every effort to provide you with product and application information that will assist you in determining the right filter press for your next project. We would appreciate the opportunity to handle any of your filter press needs. Filter Press is suitable for a wide range of applications than any other type of filter.

Professional filter press manufacturer, supplier, factory. We provide customized services, good quality and low price, welcome to consult. They generally operate in batch mode rather than continuously.

Your equipment is serialized and comes with specific drawings and specifications. Access them trực tuyến to request parts through an easy user interface. This membrane is designed to de water the most difficult sludge and protects the plates against potential cake less chambers. SmartFEED Exchange the filter cloths in your filter press with up to 40% less downtime.

This system can be incorporated with a new filter press from Met-Chem, a used unit or even your own existing press. We can provide you with a back-up plate if you need to reduce the capacity of your press. This can vary greatly depending on your process and application. We can do a test to determine the answer for your specific application. For a quote on testing, we require a completed data khung. Versatile dewatering device ideal for larger throughput which can withstand the harshest of environments.

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