Pavers Vs Concrete

Paver stone may be quarried locally or imported from other states and even from overseas. Cedric Pittman from The Stone Store in Hanover, Maryland finds a strong demand for locally quarried material. While our services extend to cover almost all of your basic landscaping and outdoor remodeling needs, driveways have always been our specialty. With a wide variety of numerous materials to build your perfect driveway from, there will definitely be something that you will love at Pioneer Sand.

If your concrete walkway or patio cracks, trying to repair that crack can be a major undertaking. In the event that a paving stone cracks or becomes discolored, or someone drops something heavy on one and it chips, that paving stone can be pulled and replaced very easily. Unlike concrete, surfaces comprised of paver stones never need to be resurfaced to retain their appearance. Regular sweeping and rinsing off with a hose are about all that is needed. Another plus in favor of a paving stone project is that pavers make it possible for you to update your landscaping in stages.

Create a Swimming Pool area with our coping and non-slip porcelain paving slabs, ideal for a safe and elegant area. Our Natural Stone Block pavers are a popular option for driveways, as they are visually pleasing as well as durable. Hand hewn stone provided the first curbs and cobblestones of early American cities. Many arrived as ships ballast and were used in the colonial ports. These stones had long been the standard in Europe until the economy of concrete pavers replaced them for street paving.

China granite tombstone

Col-Met’s steel edging keeps grass from spreading and also retains mulch, rocks and stones in gardens and walkways. Col-Met Edging is easy to shape and install and stays in place for years. A prime example of these DIY stone-building kits comes from the Rumblestone product line from Pavestone. Available at the Home Depot, the kits come with detailed course-by-course instructions that explain every move you need to make—and they’re designed for easy construction. For example, the Rumblestone projects require no concrete base. Although most of these projects would wonderfully complement a paver patio, even that’s not a requirement.

This particular kit requires 54 Large, 38 Medium and 66 Mini stones, all available from the Home Depot. Fire pits, benches and planter boxes are among the many stone projects available as pre-sorted Rumblestone kits available at the Home Depot. Customizing a stone project can be challenging to a novice, requiring careful planning and usually the need to cut stone with a wet saw, which many homeowners don’t own or have never used. Stone fire pits make an ideal first project for a DIY’er who is new to masonry work.

As you can imagine, this adds significantly to the time it takes to install, driving up the labor cost. It’s not super easy to install, so hiring a contractor is highly recommended. However, the price of concrete, even with labor, makes it one of the most inexpensive options.

When installed properly Paving Stones are not only beautiful but add value to your home. Starting at the corner, lay the first few pavers snuggly against the edging. Every few feet, use a level to check that the pavers are set at the same height. Lay out a row or two of pavers to determine a configuration that won’t require much cutting. Once you’ve determined the width , mark each border with a string attached to stakes.

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