Steel flat bar

Steel flat bar refers to steel with a width of 12-300mm and a thickness of 3-60mm, a rectangular cross section and a slightly blunt edge. The flat steel can be a finished steel, a blank for a welded pipe, and a thin slab for a rolled sheet. Main use: Flat steel can be used as a material to make hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts. It is used as a structural member and escalator for building.

steel flat bar

Flat steel features:
Product specifications are special. The thickness is 8~50mm, the width is 150-625mm, the length is 5-15m, and the product specification is relatively dense, which can meet the needs of users. Instead of the middle plate, without cutting, it can be directly welded.
The surface of the product is smooth. The high-pressure water descaling process is used twice in the process to ensure the smooth surface of the steel [1].
The sides are vertical and the angle is clear. The two-way vertical rolling in the finish rolling ensures that the sides are perpendicular to the sides, the corners are clear, and the surface quality of the edges is good.
The scale of the product is accurate, three points difference, the same level difference is better than the steel plate standard; the product is straight and the plate type is good. The finishing rolling adopts the continuous rolling process, and the automatic looper automatic control ensures that the steel is not pulled without steel. The dimensional accuracy of the product is high, the tolerance range, three-point difference, the same strip, the boring curve and other parameters are superior to the middle plate, and the plate type is straight. Good. Cold shear cutting, high length precision.
The material of the product adopts the national standard and is the same as the steel plate. The quality technical standards are organized according to the YB/T4212-2010 standard (Q345B/Q235B refer to GB/T1591-94 and GB/T700-06 standards respectively).
Advantages of flat steel:
Flat steel adopts negative deviation rolling, but according to the actual weight, the utilization rate is increased by 1 to 5 percentage points compared with the steel plate.
Flat steel can be thickened, fixed width and fixed length according to user’s requirements, reducing cutting for users, saving process, reducing labor and material consumption, and reducing processing loss of raw materials, saving time, labor, and economy. material. Products have been professionally used in steel structure manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automotive industry, mining machinery, lifting machinery and other industrial materials.

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