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ETFE is UV and chemically resistant and can operate in temperatures up to 300 ºF (148 ºC). Thus, you can determine what kind of packaging the majority of your consumer base is opting for and mimic that format. It doesn’t matter if your product is fantastic; it’s all about how manufacturers market it. The exterior of an object always influences which products get more attention than others, even if that difference is just a few centimeters on a shelf, out of sight from the average customer. Packaging may add a placebo effect to your product, even when dealing with a shoddy product, but no one embraces the prolonged use of an item when they have been deceived. The sales being boosted from packaging does not maintain in the long term because when customers realize their purchase was merely for illusion, any quality offered is lost.

To process your orders without delay, please provide the required business documentation to purchase this product. In addition to, VWR, part of Avantor offers a state-of-the-art technology solutions portfolio. We have become experts in scientific operations, improving performance with sophisticated solutions and providing guidance on best practices.

Consequently, a higher temperature results in the reduction of the maximum working pressure, provided the dimensions of the tubing do not change. It is no secret that polymer materials have a huge impact on our lives and environment. Chemical Resistance…Since the inner layer is made of ETFE fluorine resin, E-SJUS is resistant to most of the chemical substances. Chemical inertness – ETFE is basically chemically inert, making it resistant to solvents including acids, bases, or hydrocarbons which would typically affect other Fluoropolymers. It is possible to build with panels made out of it and create an ETFE structure that will let enough daylight inside and it rarely has to be cleaned. Among the famous installations where such copolymer is used is the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The options that professional have while building and creating elements out ETFE are still not revealed entirely. Let’s look at some of its main perks, making it a desirable option in specific applications. Depending on customer’s request, ETFE tubes can be shipped in coils, on spools or supplied in straight length up to 6 m (18ft.). Teflon tubing for plumbing a delay volume splitter for preparative HPLC systems with ELSD. Use 8m for the restrictor tube at installation and 8.5m for the delay tubing between the ELSD and UV or PDA detector. We take pride in being the top-of-mind thermoplastics and fluoropolymers extrusion partner of over customers ever since 1971.

The major reason behind its mechanical toughness is its chemically balanced configuration which encompasses parts of fluorinated particles. Our portfolio is used in virtually every stage of the most important research, development and production activities in the industries we serve. Our global footprint enables us to serve more than 225,000 customer locations and gives us extensive access to research laboratories and scientists in more than 180 countries. For information visit, and find us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. ETFE tubing lends itself very well to high pressure applications in much the same way as PEEK tubing. Coupled with its broad chemical resistance and regulatory compliance, ETFE tubing can be used effectively in highly sensitive instrumentation used for precise gas and liquid analysis in the life sciences sector.

The unique material used for this tubing provides low gas permeability. With the help of our pressure calculator, you can choose to either calculate the working pressure, the temperature or the required dimensions for your tubing depending on the other two parameters. This tool applies to hard polymer materials such as PTFE, FEP or PFA. Operating conditions such as pressure, temperature and the dimensions of the used tubing are parameters that act in mutual interdependence.

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