Top 10 Best Massage Guns In 2021 Reviews

It comes with 6 easy to change specialty massage heads, each designed for a specific use. Although we did pick a favorite, many models are suitable for varying needs, so the most suitable one for you might be further down our list. helps with natural stress relief or wish to relax after a long day at work, a massage gun can meet your needs. Turn on the massage gun with U-shaped massage head to the second switch, first slide down the spine with your hand, find the force point of the massage gun, and then massage by massage gun.

While ice numbs fleeting injuries like a sprained ankle, heat remedies more persisting pains like stiff muscles by increasing blood flow and lubricating joints. The latter is what many people use massage guns for, too, and the TimTam’s heated tip lets users combine percussion and heat therapy for double the soothing effects. Equipped with a total of six replaceable massage heads, here is a professional massage gun that brings about top-notch performances.

It wasn’t a huge challenge to reach my shoulders and back, but I wouldn’t have guessed it was designed to do that if it hadn’t told me. Unlike every other massage gun we tested, it doesn’t come with a carrying case—you have to purchase it separately for an additional $50. This is a small issue, but I found it irksome, especially because the Hypervolt is one of the pricier massage guns and would be enough for me to avoid buying it on principle. As an added bonus, Hyperice’s videos feature athletes, like NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes and Track & Field Olympian Colleen Quigley. Were these massage guns refreshing to use after my workouts and long runs? The Vybe Pro offers the most bang for your buck, with nine speeds and eight different attachments.

Most popular massage guns feature the company’s branding on the product itself. A genuine Hypervolt massage gun will have the branding “Hypervolt” and “Hyperice” printed on the side and back of the product respectively. Likewise, a genuine Theragun will have “Theragun” printed on the side. Because it’s a relatively new product, the Elite D9 doesn’t have as many massage gun reviews as similar products.

At $150 it’s also on the expensive side relative to other models, though that’s to be expected given the dual heads. However, for a limited time, promo code50M25UQP drops it to just $75. The latest generation of percussive massagers are far cheaper than high-end Theraguns, but they’ll soothe your aching muscles all the same.

If you have larger or tighter muscles, you may need something more heavy-duty than this model. With so many raving reviews of this product, the only real complaint has been from users who needed more power than the 30 pounds of force provided. Hyperice claims they have the quietest massage gun on the market, made with patented aerospace-grade technology. The bottom line is, that when the Theragun Pro is working, it is a very good massage gun.

 massage gun high quality with aircraft grade material

Theragun has a significant amount of reviews in comparison to Hypervolt. Theragun PRO has six interchangeable heads for varying degrees and angles of pressure , whereas the Hypervolt Plus only has five . Theragun PRO operates at roughly 2,400 percussions per minute and the Hypervolt Plus operates at 3,200 percussions per minute, although both have multiple speed settings. Theragun PRO has a 5-hour battery life, whereas the Hypervolt Plus only has a 3-hour battery life.

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The conical head is to be used for trigger points and the U-shaped for those tense trapezius muscles around your upper back and neck which, we’re sure, are tight from sitting down all day. It has three intensities and three different programs which make it a brilliant all-rounder. With a different look to most muscle guns, the Wahl massager is best used by those who like a more gentle muscle-massage experience. It has five different heads to customise the experience and a whopping 200 minutes of run time.

I find myself gravitating towards it after waking up with shoulder pain and a headache. Like Theragun, Hyperice dabbles in the miniature massage gun category. The prices may be the same—a really very accessible $199—but this is where differing design philosophies take hold. The Hypervolt Go’s traditional handle may fit your needs better, depending on hand size and other comfort issues. It’s an easy one to embed into your personal wellness routine, which, as with anything regarding your body, is of the utmost importance.

Next on our list of the best massage guns for athletes we have the Tokfit T2. What we immediately noticed with the T2 Massage Gun is its price- at just $199 it’s one of the cheapest on the list. However, to make a budget massage gun Tokfit has to cut some corners. It’s relatively quiet at 45 decibels and portable at just 0.8 kilograms.

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