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EB welding provides excellent weld quality and a low heat affected zone. Because the process is in a vacuum chamber, contaminant levels are very low. Improve your welding productivity and precision – contact a local IPG laser welding engineer to learn how. Last but not least, Shield gas of Argon or Nitrogen must be supplied to this laser welding system in any condition, the working gas pressure is around 0.2MPa or 2bar or 29psi. The double wobble laser head features six laser welding working modes for options, such as dot, line, circle, double circle, triangle, and double triangle modes.

Japan has replaced flash butt welding with CO2 laser welding for the joining of rolled steel coils in the steel making industry. In general, laser welding of stainless steel is easier than conventional welding to obtain quality joints. The impact on the laser welding mode and weld forming stability pieces, the most important of the welding parameters is the power density of the laser spot, which affects the welding mode and weld forming stability as follows. How to properly set and control these parameters to keep them within the right range for the high-speed continuous laser welding process to ensure the weld quality. Laser welding is a process in which a high-energy beam of laser light irradiates a workpiece, causing a dramatic increase in working temperature, and the workpiece melts and rejoins to form a permanent joint. The third role of the shielding gas is to effectively disperse the plasma shielding generated by high power laser welding.

The power density is less than 104~105 W/cm2 for thermal conduction welding, when the melt depth is shallow and the welding speed is slow. The melt pool of laser-MIG composite welding is smaller than that of MIG welding, resulting in low heat input, a small heat-affected zone and low workpiece distortion, which greatly reduces the work of correcting weld distortion after welding. The biggest advantage of laser remote welding over conventional welding is increased productivity. The laser remote welding system is highly flexible and efficient, and one system can replace 6 to 9 sets of ordinary robotic spot welding. The motion system, which realizes the travel of the welding trajectory, also carries the laser brazing head and ancillary devices, water and gas circuits, etc. The wire feeding system is responsible for stable wire feeding during welding.

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This non-contact process with no wearing surfaces ensures the last part you produce is the same as the first. Fiber laser welding speed is similar to electron beam, but because lasers do not require part transfer through a vacuum chamber, laser cycle time is dramatically shorter. The handheld fiber laser welder is widely used in welding work pieces of aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and brass.

Moreover, high heat can cause physical distortion of the metal, which may adversely affect delicate features in a precision cavity. When power is supplied by the PFN (pulse-forming network), an intense pulse of light will be released through one end of the crystal rod. The light being released is of single wavelength, thus allowing for minimum divergence. In Laser Welding, the solid-state laser utilizes a single crystal rod with parallel, flat ends, with each end having reflective surfaces. EBTEC has the capacity to address our customers’ precision Laser Welding needs, from prototype through full-scale production.

Our products are exported to the USA, the UK and so on, enjoying a good reputation among customers for Handheld 500W 1000W 1500W Fiber Laser Welding Machine Laser Welder for Metal Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Aluminum Brass. We develop and provide goods and services useful to society and contribute to the sustainable development of society Success belongs to the past, honor is only history. Our company will continue to pursue better quality in business management, education and training, product introduction, sales and after-sales service.

You have a great visualization and you have really presented this content in a really good manner. Before using your laser welding machine, you will need to verify several parameters. Here are some common precautions to take to ensure that your welding operations are a success.

From prototypes to large-scale series production, this multi-talented machine displays its superiority across the board. With laser welding, you produce virtually distortion-free workpieces with the highest level of precision. At the same time, our systems provide highly productive processes for large quantities with high repeatability or flexibility for changing lot sizes. Aluminum alloy has light weight, good toughness, high yield ratio and easy processing and forming.

The use of wire-filled laser welding can greatly reduce the limitations for welding gap. For example, for an aluminum alloy plate with a thickness of 2mm, if no welding wire is used, the sheet gap must be zero to obtain a good weld shape. If a φ1.6mm welding wire is used as a supplementary metal, even if the gap is increased to 1.0mm, the weld can be ensured. In addition, filler welding can also roughly adjust the chemical identity or perform multi-layer welding of thick plates. Fiber laser technology allow users to easily weld 0,05mm (.002”) away from the most complicated and intricate component parts without damaging heat sensitive materials. One of the first things you should look for in a potential jewelry laser welder is the power capacity.

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