15 Best Axes For Splitting Wood 2021

If you follow the above simple steps to look after your axe and apply them on a regular basis, your axe will stay in top condition for many years to come. There are a number of easily available products that can be used to treat your axe mask. To apply this treatment to the axe mask, first remove the mask from the axe. Then apply a liberal amount of the liquid to the exterior of the leather, not forgetting the welt. Leave the Nikwax to dry, then rub it into the leather with a damp piece of kitchen towel or cloth. Keeping your axe in prime working condition does, of course, include keeping it sharp. I’m not, however, going to cover axe sharpening in this article.

The axe head’s flat back is perfect for hammering, and the long handle gives you the leverage to get the job done. The axe head’s flat back is perfect for hammering, the extra strong hardwood handle can handle strenuous use, and the long handle gives you the leverage to get the job done right. Peck and ground down any nicks or gouges in the axe. If you use the axe on a rocky surface, there is a high chance of you nicking or gouging the axe head against that surface. Once you have a well shaped hole, place the axe head into the hole, sharpened edge facing upward. Use a piece of wood to knock the axe head into the handle. Hold the axe head with one hand and make a few swift knocks on the axe head with the piece of wood until the axe head is in place.

These days felling axes are efficient enough and you normally don’t need a chainsaw. Transport your stone axe with a protective leather sheath. The sheath can be custom made at a local leather goods store.You never know what may fall against your axe so always keep it protected. If you are using a knife, you can carve out a symmetrical split in the handle, making sure the width of one both sides of the handle are the same. We tried to provide the best splitting axe reviews to help you in finding a good splitting axe. We hope that our review and guideline will be useful for you while making your choice. The comparatively high price is deserved by the Council professional tools for their high-quality and also for the innovative designs. An especially strong and durable tool with drop forged head.

They are made of solid steel, that is melted and then shaped into the desired design and then the blade is sharpened for cutting advantages. Blades are curved for more penetration flat blades don’t bite deep in the wood. The curved blade also allows the head not to get stuck in the wood which saves your energy and time. An ice axe is a very famous tool used by mountaineers for hiking and climbing, especially where mountains are covered with snow or ice. This tool can be used in various ways like, it can be used as a walking stick by just holding the head from the center. Is made of solid carbon steel and is tightly fixed with the handle. Hudson Bay axe is originated from northern Spain near France. During the early days French use to trade this axe in the Hudson Bay area with Native Americans for fur and other items. The axe can be used for light splitting, chopping, and driving tent pegs as well. Head has a curved blade and is extended in such a way that its lower ends touch the handle or shaft.

Wood handle axe

So if you can have the splitting power of a traditional wood axe packed into 3-pounds, then I’d say you have yourself a good deal. Also, this particular axe is designed to help absorb some of the shocks you get when chopping wood. This is a huge benefit because chopping wood is no small feat, and it certainly is not easy on your body. However, there is a danger of the axe head flying off unintentionally. For that reason, I actually prefer an axe that is a solid piece. If you can’t handle the force it takes from you to swing a long-handled axe, then you might want to go with a shorter handle.

Too light an axe and you’ll just really be carrying a large knife. With a sturdy design and ergonomic, comfortable grip, this pack axe has the length, power, and leverage for serious wood cutting. You can buy a good quality but a less refined axe, even something fine made in America or Europe, but the edge won’t be as sharp as the Gränsfors Bruks. You can buy one of those lesser axes, then spend three, four hours or more doing your filing and honing to get it to the point where it’s similar to a Gränsfors Bruks. You’re also paying for the fact that the manufacturer has already sharpened it and refined the edge. You might not be able to tell from the picture, but this is a very elegantly refined edge. Some reported the back of the axe head is too thin for driving in tent stakes. Bushcraft, i.e. wilderness skills, or the ability to thrive in a natural environment, requires some tools. The first of these tools is a top notch bushcraft axe. But exactly what types of tasks will need to be performed with a bushcraft axe?

Push out the excess pieces with a chisel, then smooth out the insides. Using sandpaper on the inside of the axe will ensure that all of the old handle has been properly removed.The “eye” refers to the hole in the axe blade that the handle fits into. The Double Bit Michigan is a very cool axe with a 3.5 lb head and a 36″ handle. The double bit allows you to sharpen one side thinner and finer while the thicker side is reserved for the knotty and dirty chop jobs. This is why it’s important to buy an axe that uses wedges that keep the head securely in place. The best camping axes won’t have heads that come loose while in use, nor will they all of a sudden become loose after reattaching them. Alloy steel is another feature to look for in a camping axe. A quality axe will have blades that have been forged with high grade alloy steel. The axes we reviewed have all been created with quality alloy steel.

We recommend going to a firewood cutter for more options. Unfortunately, its strength makes it more brittle as well. Additionally, Sugar Maple does not absorb shock well. This causes the user to become more fatigued when handling an axe made with a Sugar Maple handle. The strength will allow the handle to withstand years of use. At the same time, flexibility will allow the handle to move with the shocks, which not only minimizes user fatigue but also prevents it from splitting or chipping. Be very careful when you’re handling your axe, so you don’t accidentally cut yourself. This type of axe would be best suited if you own a piece of land on which you sometimes have to clear trees or do other heavy chopping. These types of axes are not as portable or versatile as shorter, lighter axes, so they aren’t good for an all-around camp axe. A limbing axe offers a good balance between size, weight, and chopping ability for versatile use.

You want to remove a fair amount of wood, but make sure you’re following the grain down the stave as best you can. Work along the crack that will continue developing as you tap the wedges in place. When the first one in the log becomes loose, remove it and reinsert it in the crack in front of your lead wedge. Finding the right wood is probably the trickiest part of the project, but persistence works. Once you find a log, you can split several staves out and have them for a long time. You need a log that is straight, without twists, branches, or burls, and that hasn’t been cut into firewood. If possible, use the low part of a tree trunk, as trunks tend to be straighter closer to the ground.

And another similarity of this and the axe had is, water and moisture are the common enemies of them. If you are seeking for quite some hardness in the axe that you’re about to make, hard maple or sugar maple can be a great choice. It’s a native North American wood, which is infamous for its hardness. Axes made out of oak wood are also protective against insect and fungal attack. But you’ve to oil them regularly to keep it in order. As an example, if your hatchet eye is ⅜ inches, the total cut length will be 1-⅞ inches. Take help from a woodworker, if you are new to this job. Once the initial smoothening up is done, you would like to do a final sanding, as it hones up the look of the whole handle. In this point, we need to have sandpapers which will smoothen up the whole wooden piece and leave no unfinished edge. To make sure that the thickness of the handle stays as you are expecting it to be, you’ve to round and taper the handle at this point.

Will you take good care of it, keeping it out of the elements? An axe with a wooden handle will serve you well and comfortably. Each type of axe handle has its upsides and downsides. The key to choosing the right axe and type of handle is to figure out your needs and what you’ll be using it for. Despite all of that, wood handles are also the easiest to replace. You can also modify them to fit your needs – you can shorten them, change their shape, and so on. 33 1/4″ overall double bladed axe. 9 3/4″ stainless axe with 9 7/8″ and 6″ cutting edges. Wood shaft with leather wrap and antique silver finish fitting and pommel. 11 1/4″ overall. 4″ gold finish cast metal head with peace pipe and 1 1/4″ sharpened edge. Brown hardwood handle. Bulk packed. Made in China. 30″ overall. 7 1/2″ black finish drop forged 1055 carbon steel hammer head with spike.

This is why the axe has a basic and very traditional look to it. This axe is 26-inches long and it is ideal for trimming branches and for tree felling. We recommend the Husqvarna wooden multi-purpose axe for hiking in areas where there’s a lot of bush that needs to be cleared because it does an amazing job at clearing bush. It also doesn’t lack in power, which is due to its long handle. Another good option for anyone to consider is adding Pine Tar to your mix. It also allows beeswax to penetrate and bond to your wood handles much better. Mix it with Boiled Linseed Oil and Turpentine and you’ll have something good.

This explains the reason why you will find it extremely difficult to chop wood with a maul but it is possible with a splitting axe. Drop forging aligns and stretches the metal’s structure for better durability and resistance to breakage. KershawThis sturdy, mid-sized hatchet is a bit lighter than the others of its weight class. Axes and hatchets give you some decided advantages in any outdoor scenario. Compared to a knife, axes and hatchets allow you to gather and split firewood more efficiently, speed up game processing, and create bigger and better shelters. Eye section is dried to below 10% moisture content to minimize shrinkage and help prevent loosening. Axe throwing is becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies around. Get in on the action with one of the many throwing axes and tomahawks in our collection.

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