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Save you an expensive service call. To save you time, money and headaches down the road, here are nine of our favorite simple Home plumbing tips. Most of them make use of things, like steel pipe, that cost less than $20. And you will be surprised to find that there are so many uses of steel pipes.
Trump’s Tariffs will affect Steel Pipe price
US President Donald Trump signed proclamations to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports effective March 23. “Our Steel and Aluminum industries (and many others) have been decimated by decades of unfair trade and bad policy with countries from around the world,” Trump said in the tweet. “We must not let our country, companies and workers be taken advantage of any longer. We want free, fair and SMART TRADE!”Also when the cost of raw materials like steel and aluminum is artificially driving up, all American people ultimately pay the higher prices for everything from canned goods to steel pipes and automobiles.
However,the official said that concerns about increased prices for consumers due to higher costs of steel and aluminum were overblown and that no jobs would be lost at downstream manufacturers that rely on the metals. So there is no doubt that upstream producers hailed the benefit of such a protectionist move, while downstream market participants bemoaned the effect potential action could have on their businesses.
Save you an expensive service call. Here are nine of our favorite simple Home plumbing tips. Most of them make use of things, like steel pipe, that cost less than $20. And you will be surprised to find that there are so many uses of steel pipes.

Stop sink-sprayer hang-ups
Use pipe insulation to prevent sprayer snarls. Chances are the hose is catching on the shutoff valves when you need to jiggle the hose as you pull out your kitchen sink sprayer. For smooth operation, slip 1/2-in and foam pipe insulation over the pipes, also shutoff handles. Tape it when it won’t stay put. It is easy to get the insulation and you can only cost for about $3 at home centers.
Quiet loud sinks
When you found there are some deaden sounds with expanding foam. Don’t worry about that. Simply fill the space between two stainless steel sink basins with expanding foam. This foam deadens vibrations and lessens the gong effect. Before installation, you ‘d better to do this with the sink in place but much neater and easier. Anyhow, let the foam harden and then trim away the excess with a knife.
Empty the trap
Plunge water first before removing the trap is a good method for you to lessening the mess when you pull the trap. Before you remove a sink trap, give the drain a few plunges with a toilet plunger. This will push most of the water out of the trap and save your much work. If you have a double sink, make sure to plug the other drain to contain the air pressure. When found out that the strainer isn’t a screw-down style, you’ll have to hold it down while you plunge the drain.
Drain vacuum
When a hard object like a toothbrush, comb or toy plugs a toilet or drain, a plunger may not be the solution—it might only push the obstruction in deeper. you need to find a shop vacuum to remove hard objects. These hard objects can only be sucked out the water and the obstruction with a wet or dry shop vacuum.
Pipe orienteering
When trying to locate a pipe under the floor, you need to use a strong magnet to find hidden pipes. All you have to do is attaching a rare earth (neodymium) magnet to an electrical fish tape and feed it into drain lines through the cleanout plug. Locate the magnet (and the pipe) under the floor by using an ordinary compass which will turn wildly when it finds the strong magnet.
Silence creaking pipes
Running hot water results to copper pipes to expand and grind against pipe hangers and joists. However, it is not a difficult problem for you to solve. Just wrap the steel pipes in adhesive-backed felt. All you need to do is picking up some adhesive-backed felt at the hardware store and cut it into strips. The next step is removing each hanger and wrapping the steel pipe before refastening the hanger.
Next best thing to X-ray vision
It is not a necessary work for you but you will feel it is worth to do after all things settle down. Your walls may not have much inner beauty, but it’s a good idea to take pictures of what’s inside during remodeling, also goes for floors and ceilings. When your next remodeling or repair project rolls around, you’ll find out quickly where the framing and the electrical and plumbing lines are.
Bucket flush
You don’t have to run to the neighbor’s bathroom and feel awkward during a plumbing project. Before you turn off the water supply, fill 2- gallon buckets with water. Flush the toilet by dumping the water in the bowl and you’ll get one flush per bucket. Although it won’t refill the bowl, it works just as well as the usual method.

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